[TwinkLoads] Brent Oliver - Greg Riley Bottoms: Encounter 2

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30:32 Apr 29, 2022
Greg is a bald-headed, buff dude. He’s the very definition of a DILF. Bored in his hotel room, he orders pizza and is surprised to discover that Brent, the skinny blond delivery boy, is someone he’s been trying to hook up with on Grindr! Brent is plainly into Greg as well. 

Within seconds, the two guys are kissing hungrily, tearing each other’s clothes off, horned up and raring to go. Greg is soon sucking Brent’s impressive long, thick dick. His years of experience make the young twink gasp uncontrollably.

Brent rims and fingers Greg’s peachy, tight ass, getting his tongue deep inside the older man. The DILF quivers with impatient anticipation. 

Brent’s dick simply slides in and within seconds he’s banging at full thrust, at speeds and levels of aggression and relentlessness only a teenaged boy could muster! There’s no real finesse, Brent just wants to slam his spunk into daddy like a desperate dog in heat.

Brent picks up his phone and films his dick jabbing hard and rhythmically into Greg.

Brent, now gleaming with sweat, can feel the spunk tingling in his balls. He throws the phone down on the bed, anticipating the moment of no return. He thrusts with even more intensity. Faster and faster, hands wrapped around Greg’s neck, hammering like a drill. 

He pulls out and sprays over Greg’s ass, before pushing every last drop back into his hole, using his giant mushroom head like a shovel. Greg has been well and truly serviced! 

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